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Palazzo Ciacchi

Veduta esterna, palazzo Ciacchi
Veduta interna del piano nobile, palazzo Ciacchi

Situated in via Cattaneo (previously strada dei Molini), from 1727 to 1948 the palazzo was owned by the noble Stramigioli Ciacchi family of Pesaro. It constitutes a unit with the buildings in front forming a small piazza or ‘rotonda’ called the ‘Esedra Ciacchi’.

The main building belonged to the Passeri (in Pesaro from about 1500) who adapted and increased their home on the pre-existing structures which in the past had almost certainly been mills. Around 1727 the palazzo was considerably renovated and increased; in 1767 it was given its final form by Count Andrea Ciacchi.
The palazzo has three floors and entresol attic, and still has the characteristics of a patrician residence of the 17th and 18th centuries both inside and in the large courtyard (previously an Italian garden). On the plaster façade the windows with architraves are elegantly framed in sand-yellow: The entrance is an austere arch.

Palazzo Ciacchi was completely restructured in 1981 and now contains the offices of the Italian federation of industrialists - Confindustria Pesaro Urbino. In agreement with the Municipality of Pesaro, some rooms are now used as an art gallery - ‘I Musei Civici a palazzo Ciacchi’ , showing paintings and ceramics from the deposits of the museums in Palazzo Mosca.



via Cattaneo 34
ownership and management Confindustria Pesaro Urbino
entry to the art gallery open to the public every third Friday of the month 15-18
visits must be booked by telephone 0721 3831

entry free

access for disabled

info 0721 3831