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Villa Molaroni

Villa Molaroni
Ingresso Villa Molaroni
Villa Molaroni
Villa Molaroni

The villa was built by Giuseppe Molaroni in 1924, within a great park of maples, magnolias, fir trees, cedars, cypresses and holm oaks, mostly felled during the 1950s and ’60s to make room for the large condominiums in the area. The park now covers an area of about 8,000 metres. The villa has three levels with columns, arches, staircases, large balconies and panoramic verandas. An entirely glass belvedere roof terrace is visible, from which there is a clear view of the  sea. The fine window and door frames are oak from Slovenia where the Molaroni family owned numerous areas of land. The Municipality became the owner of the villa in 1976 where the Museo del Mare was housed until the mid-1990s. The villa was closed in 2002 to be restructured. The Municipality and Renco signed an agreement in 2003 whereby Renco would restructure the building, reinstate the museum and manage the villa-park-museum complex. In exchange, the Municipality granted Renco the use of the structure as the company’s representative office. The restored villa was presented to the public in April 2007.



viale Pola 9
ownership Municipality of Pesaro
management as agreed between the Municipality of Pesaro and Renco spa
Villa Molaroni houses the Museo della Marineria Washington Patrignani_Pesaro

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