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Villa Miralfiore

Villa Miralfiore

Villa Miralfiore was originally the Sforza family’s country house, but passed to Guidubaldo II Della Rovere in 1599. Bartolomeo Genga and Filippo Terzi were the architects responsible for restructuring and enlarging it to meet the requirements of the Dukes who dwelt there. Only part of the extensive park surrounding it still exists, conveying an impoverished idea of the originally luxuriant Italian garden with grottos, pools, fountains and a wealth of ornamental plants. Of the two arches on the entrance avenues, only the one on via Solferino is still extant; the other near the bridge over the river Foglia was demolished in 1861. The building is asymmetric, the entrance side having a portico. The five rooms on the first floor are of great interest; the frescoes, completed in 1573, are attributed to  Federico Zuccari and in part  to Antenore Ridolfi, his cousin and collaborator on the decorations in Villa Farnese at Caprarola. The frescoes include depictions of the feats of the Della Rovere family, probably those of Guidubaldo II, the initials of whom recur on the door cornices. Granted in emphyteusis to the Albani family in 1777, the villa has since 1992 been the property of a Pesaro industrialist and is now the firm’s representative office.


based on: Federica Tesini, Pesaro. Itinerari di una città d’arte, Pesaro, Arti Grafiche Pesaresi Editore, 2009, p. 68



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