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Wednesday 21 February 2018

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The Sephardic (Spanish rite) synagogue has been in the centre of the old Jewish quarter since the mid-sixteenth century. It was built during a golden period for Pesaro when the harbour, amplified by Guidubaldo II Della Rovere, took the place of that of Ancona after a boycott organised by Gracia Mendes in answer to the slaughter of the marranos in Ancona (1555).

Numerous Portuguese Jews arrived in the city to cultivate mystic studies for which they required headquarters. The larger structure which includes the synagogue also housed the nursery school and the schools of Kabbalah studies and music.

There is no sign on the outside of the building that It is a place of worship. There are two entrances in the façade, one for men and another smaller for women. On the Ground floor are an oven, a ritual bath for purification and a well.

In the Prayer room on the first floor stand the Holy Ark (Aròn) and (Tevàh) Pulpit facing  each other at the centre of the end walls. The Ark, a wooden cupboard in which to keep the sacred texts, was  richly carved. The tevàh is above, in the gallery for the officiator and choir.  

The most valuable objects have been removed to synagogues still open for worship: the sacred ark is in Livorno, the small balcony with pulpit is in Ancona and the matroneum (women’s gallery) screen at Talpioth in Jerusalem.

Stucco rosettes and wreaths of oak decorate the ceiling in evident homage from the Sephardic Jews to the Della Rovere lords of Pesaro, to whom they owed decades of wellbeing and tranquillity.



via delle Scuole
ownership Comunità Ebraica di Ancona (use granted to the Municipality of Pesaro since 1999)
management Comunità Ebraica di Ancona, Comune di Pesaro, Comitato Cittadino Studio e Recupero della città-Serc

opening hours June-September every Thursday 17-20

extraordinary opening on Sunday 10 September 2017 for European Jewish Culture Day 10-13, 16-19

for the rest of the year third Sunday in the month 10-13

During the summer the synagogue is open thanks to the collaboration of  FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano)

guided tours for groups on request (info and bookings: callcenter 199 151 123) and schools (info and bookings: freephone 800 96 19 93). Cost 60 €, max. 40 persons per Group

entry free

no access for disabled

info 0721 387398 Municipality of Pesaro/Town councillorship for beauty

information and bookings for guided tours 0721 387541 at the booking office of Musei Civici, callcenter 199 151 123 (pay service Monday to Friday); freephone for schools 800 96 19 93

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