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Scalone vanvitellianoScalone vanvitelliano (Vanvitelli Staircase)
Sunday 25 February 2018

Scalone vanvitelliano (Vanvitelli Staircase)

Scalone vanvitelliano

In piazza del Monte (formerly piazza santa Maria Maddalena) stood a very ancient Benedictine monastery documented in 1269 and the Benedictine Order’s church of santa Maria Maddalena with the entrance in via Zacconi.

The convent complex was rebuilt in about 1740, designed by Vanvitelli’s pupil Giuseppe Tranquilli, an architect from Pesaro. It was demolished in 1967 to make room for a school, the present ‘Don Gaudiano’, built by the ancient Roman walls. Situated on the corner of via della Maternità, the Scalone Vanvitelliano is all that remains of the monastery’s architecture.

Restructured in 1998, the beautiful Baroque building is now completely isolated and difficult to detect in the old piazzetta, which no longer has anything of its original appearance. Rectangular in form, the stairway develops on three levels round a central well, creating an extremely theatrical effect as it develops steeply upwards. Among the more interesting details are the stucco decorations, the use of contrasting materials and  the marble bannister.

The Vanvitelli staircase is now used as an exhibition space in support of the nearby church of santa Maria Maddalena.

Text based on: Giovanna Patrignani, Pesaro. La Radio storia della Città,  Pesaro, Metauro Edizioni,  2008, pp. 90-91



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The Municipality has loaned the staircase free of charge to Macula - Centro Internazionale di Cultura Fotografica (International Centre for Photographic Culture); contact the association for the use of this space for cultural events associazione.macula@gmail.com

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