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Church of san Decenzio (Saint Decentius)

his church within the city cemetery is the oldest in Pesaro. It was built during Romanesque period, (ca.1153), as the cemetery church outside the town, on the area of the southern necropolis. The gothic work on the front and portal is from the second half of the 14th. century. Various modifications were made to the building over the centuries, the original layout of which existed until the eighteenth century.

The results of the radical neoclassical change to the church in 1787 are still evident and are the work of the local architect and painter Giannandrea Lazzarini. The structure was  consolidated in 1880-'82 when the cemetery was enlarged, and again after an earthquake in 1930.

The façade is still in Lazzarini’s eighteenth century style: additions are limited to a few stones in memory of soldiers and civilians who died during the two world wars, placed each side of the portal and along the right side of the church.

The XI century crypt is all that remains of the Romanesque structure. The probably 15th. century frescoes decorating the interior disappeared during work in the eighteenth century. The frescoes in the crypt  have also largely vanished. The only one relatively well preserved, second half of the eleventh century, is a fine panel, in the Musei Civici (Municipal Museums) of Pesaro since 1965, depicting Saints Germanus, Decentius, Terence and the Emperor Constantine.


Text based on: Giovanna Patrignani, Pesaro. La Radio storia della Città, Pesaro, Metauro Edizioni, 2008, pp. 62-63



via san Decenzio
ownership Municipality of Pesaro
officiated by the Capuchin friars
open during cemetery opening hours 

no access for disabled

info 0721 390606 (Parish of Santa Maria di Loreto)