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Chiesa di sant' AgostinoChurch of sant'Agostino (St. Augustin)
Saturday 24 February 2018

Church of sant'Agostino (St. Augustin)

Chiesa di sant' Agostino
Proprietà Arcidiocesi di Pesaro. Autorizzazione alla riproduzione concessa dall’Ufficio Beni Culturali

This Romanesque church was built in 1258, and in 1282 became the property of the Order of the Eremitani of St. Augustin, to which saint it was dedicated. During the second half of the fourteenth century the church was modified to meet the taste for gothic architecture of the Augustinians under the special protection of the Malatesti lords of the city.

As was the case of other religious buildings, the church assumed its present form after radical eighteenth century modification. Of the gothic façade only the portal remains. This is the most intricate and grandest of the entrances to Pesaro’s three Malatesti churches: sant'Agostino, san Francesco and san Domenico.  

The portal of sant’Agostino, built between 1398 and 1413 and commissioned by Malatesta dei Sonetti, is of Istria stone and red marble, richly decorated with friezes, bas-reliefs and  small columns. The portal is guarded by two lions, one on each side, an iconographic motif of the Malatesti family also found at san Domenico and san Francesco.

In the church are seven altars adorned with fine old paintings. The most important work is the walnut-wood choir with pictorial inlay, one of the finest of the fifteenth century. It was made in honour of the Sforza dynasty, probably to celebrate of the marriage held in Pesaro in 1475 of Costanzo Sforza, lord of the city, to Camilla of Aragon, of whom the beautiful sculpted portraits are there to be admired. The 32 inlays represent views of the local surroundings, among which stand out depictions of architecture built or rebuilt during the Sforza dominion. The gothic architecture of the Sforza period in Pesaro no longer exists, but it has undergone a transformation in the choir of sant’Agostino into a mysterious fairy-tale city of light.


Text based on: Giovanna Patrignani, Pesaro. La Radio storia della Città, Pesaro, Metauro Edizioni, 2008, pp. 30-31



corso XI settembre
ownership parish
management Padri Agostiniani Scalzi (Order of St. Augustin)

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