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Sfera Grande

Sfera grande di Arnaldo Pomodoro
Sfera grande di Arnaldo Pomodoro
Sfera grande di Arnaldo Pomodoro

This imposing sphere resting on the surface of the water in a fountain facing the sea is the work of the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. It was cast in bronze in 1998 from a polyester model and reached Pesaro in 1971, but was made in 1967 for the Montreal Expo’. The original is now in Rome, in front of the main entrance to the Farnesina  (Foreign Office).

Since the 1970s the people of Pesaro have grown fond of this ‘presence’ in piazzale della Libertà, and call it familiarly ‘la palla di Pomodoro’ (Pomodoro’s ball). Since then the Sfera Grande or Great Sphere has become a beach rendezvous and a landmark for those travelling through the streets of Pesaro who ask the way. 


text based on: Federica Tesini, Pesaro. Itinerari di una città d’arte, Pesaro, Arti Grafiche Pesaresi Editore, 2009, p. 22



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