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Jewish Cemetary

Cimitero Ebraico

The cemetery stands on the slopes of Colle San Bartolo. The use of the area (6.700 sq.m.ca.) goes back to 1695, when it was acquired by the Jewish community of Pesaro in exchange for the site of a small farm at Pantano where the cemetery had previously been situated. Until the mid- 20th.century the cemetery presented the appearance of a rough country slope sparsely dotted with trees and abandoned to the elements. In 2002 the Fondazione Scavolini undertook its recuperation, which consisted in cleaning the  gravestones and marking a path for visitors. About 140 stones now appear among the brambles, fewer than the actual graves. The reason for this lies in Pope Urban VIIIís decree (1652) forbidding all inscriptions on Jewish tombs in the Papal State apart from those of eminent rabbis and men and women of great culture and charity. The interdiction, confirmed by Pope Pius VI in 1775, remained in force until the time of Pius IX. All the monuments are of local stone or marble. In the highest and most archaic section of the cemetery the gravestones are exclusively either vertical or cylindrical. In the middle strip there are various tombs in the classical style and in the lower most recent strip the monuments are romantic or naturalistic in style. The most imposing tombs were put up between 1860 and the early 20th. century, indicating a certain amount of social freedom for the Jewish community following  the annexation of the Marche to the Kingdom of Italy. 



strada panoramica San Bartolo c/o n. 161
ownership Jewish Community of Ancona (Comunitŗ Ebraica di Ancona)
management Jewish Community of Ancona, Municipality of Pesaro, Board of the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo (Ente Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo)
opening hours June-September every Thursday 17-19; free guided tours from 18-19

entry free

no access for disabled 

info 0721 400858 - 348 7751596 Ente Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo