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The Marchesi Mosca’s gala berlin

Berlina di gala dei Mosca

This is an early 18th. century carriage owned by the Marchese Mosca. His was an aristocratic family from the Bergamasco area of Italy which had descended to Pesaro at the end of the 16th. century.

On the death of Marchesa Vittoria Mosca in 1885, the municipality entered into possession of the carriage which she had  left to the Administration of Palazzo Mazzolari Mosca together with her rich art collections. In 1888, with the inauguration of the Museo Artistico Industriale (Museum of Industrial Art) which Vittoria had wished to be housed in the palazzo, the carriage was placed among the pictures and furnishings in the room on the first floor (piano nobile) next to the entrance, where it remained until 1934.

In 2003, by then in very poor repair and relegated to the deposits of the Musei Civici (Municipal Museums), the carriage was completely restored, recuperating its original condition and appearance. It thus remains a rare examples of the 18th. century gala carriage.

The berlin is three metres high, 5.2 m. long and 2.2 m. wide and weighs 10 cwt: it has four wheels, was drawn by six horses, and was built to carry four people. The wooden parts are of poplar and pine, painted, gilded and decorated; the interior is upholstered in red velvet damask. The berlin is now on show on the ground floor of Palazzo Gradari, in the atrium on Via della Rovere.


Texts based on Radio Città racconta la storia di Pesaro (Radio City recounts the story of Pesaro), a radio series by Giovanna Patrignani. Broadcast of 18.01.2010.



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