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Palazzo ComunalePalazzo Comunale
Saturday 17 February 2018

Palazzo Comunale

Ingresso Palazzo Comunale
Piazza del Popolo

The old Palazzo Comunale was built during the thirteenth century, when Pesaro, like most of the free Comunes of Central Italy, was first governed by a communal institution.  

During the Middle Ages and until 1563 the seat of the Comunità stood approximately between  Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Baviera, on the area of the fountain. The building was built onto pre-existing  structures and was rebuilt and renovated during the fifteenth century to adapt it for its new functions. Beside Palazzo Comunale stood the town tower erected in 1488  with a  clock and the city bell now in the entrance.

In 1564, during works on Guidubaldo II Della Rovere’s urban plans, Palazzo della Podestà was demolished to enlarge piazza Grande. The new seat of the Comunità, called Palazzo Pubblico, was rebuilt over a number of decades and eventually covered approximately the same area as the present building. For a couple of centuries the communal offices were in this building which remained unchanged in aspect during the whole of the nineteenth century.

After the October 1930 earthquake, the palazzo fell into a state of decay and between 1932 and ’34 was again completely demolished to be replaced by the present building in 1954, and inaugurated in 1958.

Text based on: Giovanna Patrignani, Pesaro. La Radio storia della Città, Pesaro, Metauro Edizioni, 2008, pp. 40-41


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