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Church of Suffragio

Ingresso Chiesa del Suffragio
Interno Chiesa del Suffragio

The seventeenth century church of the Pio Suffragio stood at the end of corso XI Settembre, adjacent to the Pescheria (fish market built 1821-‘23). Both stood on the site of the ancient church of Santo Spirito and the convent of the Clerics Regular, Ministers to the Sick (Padri Crociferi).

The church of the Suffragio was opened in 1635. The Pio Suffragio, one the numerous lay confraternities in the city, was founded in 1669 with the tasks of impetrating for the souls in Purgatory, caring for the infirm and burying the dead. With the Napoleonic confiscation of church property, in 1808 that of the Suffragio passed to the crown. The Municipality bought the church, sacristy and house of the confraternity in 1821, in order to build the fish market (Pescheria) on the site.

It is now hardly recognisable as a church building, ruined in a further two earthquakes in 1930, only the first order of the façade still exists. The church was closed in 1888, first becoming a vegetable market, then in the 1930s a deposit for electric trams, followed by a gym for the neighbouring ‘Perticari’ school and finally a fish market. What remains of the old church is now an integral part of the ‘Fondazione Pescheria - Centro Arti Visive’ used as an exhibition space.

text based on: Giovanna Patrignani, La Pescheria e La confraternita e la chiesa del Suffragio, in Dieci anni Pescheria 1996 – 2006, Pesaro, 2006, pp. 168-171



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