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Museo di Arte Grafica Massimo Dolcini - ITC BramanteMassimo Dolcini Museum Of Graphic Art - ITC Bramante
Friday 19 January 2018

Massimo Dolcini Museum Of Graphic Art - ITC Bramante

Museo di Arte Grafica Massimo Dolcini
Museo di Arte Grafica Massimo Dolcini
Museo di Arte Grafica Massimo Dolcini

Inaugurated in 2009, the exhibition was entitled: Grafica Utile (Useful Graphics), as by its author  Massimo Dolcini wished (Pesaro 1945-2005). Dolcini was responsible with Professor Panzieri for the décor. The posters brightening the corridors and spacious classrooms of the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Donato Bramante” are on permanent exhibition and recount and document the social and cultural history of the city during the past 40 years. 

Massimo Dolcini, was the pupil of Albe Steiner and Michele Provinciali on the  Corso Superiore of Graphic Art in Urbino where he  later taught, becoming an international authority and reference point for graphic and visual design.

In 1971 Dolcini began work with the Municipality of Pesaro as consultant and graphic designer, later giving life to a project among the most notable in Italy for its image of the local administration. It was for this project that he created his idea of ‘graphics at the service of the public’. Dolcini’s posters in fact became not only the visual identity of the city, but also part of the city’s social and cultural theme campaigns. He communicated directly through popular images which are both ironic and surreal; his  work is instantly eye-catching and becomes fixed in our memory. Innovative at the time and still amazingly contemporary, not only in content but especially in style, Dolcini’s work is one of Italy’s greatest assets in the field of graphic art.

The ‘Massimo Dolcini’ association was set up in 2008. Its main aim is to reorder and catalogue the wealth of works left by this graphic artist and son of Pesaro; the most important group are the posters he and his collaborators designed between 1971 and 2005for the Municipality of Pesaro and other public commissioners. The association is supported by both public and private institutions: the Municipality of Pesaro, the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, the ITC Bramante, the ISIA of Urbino, the foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio of Pesaro, the Scavolini Foundation; the latter two financed the first stage of the restoration and catalographic verification of a vast archive inherited by his heirs.

Description of the collection
The works on show in the Bramante Institute, distributed in classrooms and other areas, are around 450 original posters based on the themes they immediately suggest and their interpretation: ROF, theatre seasons, Little Market of Marvels, the tastes of our contemporaries, social communication, cultural events, sports events, Don Gaudiano, subjects such as ‘Peace’, ‘Women’, ‘School’ etc. The institute has actually become a school/museum, and the first to draw advantage from the graphics are the students who come here every day.

For those wishing to find out more about Dolcini’s work, a catalogue containing an exhibition guide is available from the school office: A.A.V.V., Grafica Utile. La comunicazione di pubblica utilità a Pesaro attraverso la grafica di Massimo Dolcini e del suo studio, edited by Marta Alessandri, Marcello Dolcini, Luigi Panzieri, 2009.



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