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Biblioteca di Villa FastiggiVilla Fastiggi Library
Wednesday 21 February 2018

Villa Fastiggi Library

Biblioteca di Villa Fastiggi
Biblioteca di Villa Fastiggi
Biblioteca di Villa Fastiggi
Biblioteca di Villa Fastiggi
Biblioteca di Villa Fastiggi
Biblioteca di Villa Fastiggi

The new library premises are dedicated to Peppino Impastato, a mafia victim. 

The library is situated on the ground floor of the Quartiere 4 building and was inaugurated in July 2010. The ample space, 130 square metres, is accessible to the disabled and has two areas for study and consultation and one for children and adolescents. On one inside wall of the library is a drawing by Maja Celia, a famous Slovenian illustrator.  



via della Concordia s.n. (opposite the Scuola Media ‘G. Galilei’)
ownership and management Municipality of Pesaro
Winter opening hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday 15-19; Saturday 8.30-12.30

info 0721 387196


contact Cinzia Cangiotti

How to reach us bus routes: Anulare Destra, Anulare Sinistra (anular right, anular left); Circolare Destra, Circolare Sinistra (circular right, circular left). Free adjacent car park.


General information


Library membership and services are free

The library owns 8,523 catalogued volumes, all consultable on-line; it subscribes to 3 magazines. 

Open to the public 16 hours a week; morning visits for schools can be booked; seats 24 for reading, study and consultation. 

Book loans 30 day, magazine loans 10 days. Up to 5 items may be borrowed at any one time. If not booked by another member, a loan may be renewed  by telephone or e-mail before expiry date. 

Internet access for 3. The internet may be used within the limits of the law. 

Bibliographic information at the library or by telephone. 

Requests may be made for the purchase of books the library does not possess, within the possibilities of available resources and the library’s purchasing policy.

Bookings for school activities, guided visits and readings in the library; development of reading routes and theme bibliographies for teachers; project  ‘La biblioteca fuori di sé’ (the Library Beyond): theme packs for play, primary and  1st. year secondary schools. 

Further initiatives: the library organises activities to promote reading, for entertainment and workshops for children and families. It also takes part in the national project ‘Born to Read’ (‘Nati per Leggere’). 


Other services in collaboration with the Quartiere

Takes part in and collaborates on ‘Patto di Quartiere’: reading competitions with pupils from the ’Istituto Comprensivo ‘G. Galilei’ organised by the ‘Festa dell’Europa’: ‘Pesaro made in Europe’

The local guards and civil registry are on the ground floor

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