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Baia Flaminia Library

Spazio ragazzi
Spazio ragazzi
Biblioteca di Baia Flaminia

On the ground floor of the building housing Quartiere 9, the library has recently been restructured to offer users of all ages more comfortable, suitably adapted areas. The library is open-shelf with a lending desk, a corner to read newspapers and magazines and a new area for children and families. There is a small inner space with a coffee vending machine for guests. The library is accessible to the disabled.  



piazzale Europa 16
ownership and management Municipality of Pesaro
Winter opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30-20; Saturday 8.30-13

info 0721 387979 fax 0721 400798


facebook page Biblioteca di Baia Flaminia

contacts Maria Grazia Antognoli, Marisa Battisodo, Marica Soriani, Enzo Iacomucci 

How to reach us no. 40 bus every 30 minutes 8.25/8.55 from Via Nanterre (School Campus), no. 41 bus every 30 minutes 8.04/8.37 from Baia Flaminia. The adjacent  car parks are free.


General information


Registration and services are free

12,641 volumes partly catalogued on open shelves; 1 daily newspaper and subscriptions to 4 magazines.

Open to the public every day except Sunday, 60 hrs, 45mins. Per week; seats 64 for reading, study and consultation.

30 day book loans, 7 days for CDs and DVDs. As many as 5 items may be borrowed at the same time, and loans may be renewed before expiry date either by telephone or e-mail.

The library has internet  access and WiFi for two, free of charge. The use of the internet  is permitted within the limits of the law.

Bibliographic information is available both at the library and by telephone.

You may ask the library to purchase a book it does not possess, within the possibilities of available resources and the library’s purchase policy.



Activities to promote reading

for children
We subscribe to the national project ‘Born to read’ to sensitize the adult world round children to reading aloud to them from  their first months of life. Workshops and readings are available with volunteer readers. There are also activities for parents to practise reading aloud.

For adults
Participation in various national events to promote libraries and reading:  ‘Books in May’ (Il Maggio dei Libri), ‘Bibliopride’, ‘National Women’s Day’ (La Giornata Nazionale della Donna).
Books donated by members of the public, in collaboration with Quartiere 9 and the Associazione Italiana Biblioteche, the project ‘La Biblioteca fuori di sè…’ (The Library beyond) which sets up reading points and loans in areas other than libraries, such as city beaches offering services to customers, and reading areas and loans in the waiting rooms and sitting rooms attached to some wards and surgeries in San Salvatore Hospital.


There are further services in collaboration with the Quartiere

A help desk for young people and adolescents supplies information on psychological problems, in collaboration with  the Association 'Il Giovane Holden' (‘The Catcher in the Rye’), open Wednesday 15-17, Friday 17-19 info 0721 387979–978

Bags for separate recycling rubbish collection are available here

The municipal police and civil registry are in the offices adjacent to the library