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Valerio Observatory

Veduta esterna dell' Osservatorio
Sismografi antichi - Sala Magneti
piccolo teodolite di Ertel Guidi

The Meteorological Observatory, created in 1861, is situated in the Orti Giuli. It was on the insistence of Professor Luigi Guidi that Lorenzo Valerio, the first representative for the Marche after the Unification of Italy, obtained a grant of money for the Observatory project from Pesaro. Guidi, who was already doing internationally acclaimed research in the fields of agronomy e meteorology, was director of the Observatory until his death in 1883. The building, constructed to house Guidi’s collection of scientific instruments, is surmounted by the mobile dome of the astronomical observatory. Part of the building including the dome was destroyed by bombs in 1944 and rebuilt in 1947. The Museo Guidi (Guidi Museum) was set up in the Observatory in 1983 to contain the historic instruments (19th. and early 20th. century), restored and replaced where possible in their original positions. The objects are often rare or unique and document the evolution of geophysical research over the last 150 years. There are, among other exhibits, a Merz telescope, smoked paper seismographs, the room with the sundial, a ‘Negretti & Zambra’ transit telescope and nephoscopes for the observation of clouds. The irreplaceable heritage archive of meteorological data has been conserved at the Valerio Observatory since 1871; the library of history and science is also here. The Observatory also forms part of the national seismic network, continuing work on both meteorology and seismology.



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