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Museo della Marineria - Villa Molaroni
Museo della Marineria Washington Patrignani
Uomini in barca

The Nautical Museum came into existence in 1988, the final result of the long, enthusiastic work of Washington Patrignani (1915-1999), a retired professor and student of nautical history and technology, who had over the years collected the objects kept by sailors on board or in their yards. His idea was to create a museum of the sea to  illustrate the work done in shipyards, exhibiting tools, tackle, clothes, images and small sailing boats. A number of people in Pesaro helped Patrignani with the project: Floro and Gaetano Gennari, Giuseppe Ortolani, Paolo Pompei, Dino Rondolini, and in particular Renato Bertini and Umberto Spadoni who collaborated with him in setting up the museum itself and on the preparation of a museum guide: Guida Breve al Museo del Mare (1989); the graphic design is by Massimo Dolcini. The museum was closed in the mid-nineties and reopened to the public in 2007, the result of an agreement signed in 2003 between the Municipality of Pesaro and Renco spa, according to which the Renco company undertook to restructure Villa Molarini, where the museum is housed, to renovate the museum, renamed ‘Museo della Marineria Washington Patrignani_Pesaro’, and to manage the villa-park-museum complex. In exchange, the Renco company  has the use of the complex for representational purposes. Continuing along the lines laid out by its founder, the museum today offers a route of discovery through the exposition of objects used by seafarers which reveal maritime culture, read and interpreted with the aid of archive sources from the 15th. through the 18th. centuries. It is from these sources that vital information can be gathered on a quest for the original characteristics of Pesaro’s seafaring culture, as well as customs and habits which have survived to our own day.

Organisation of the exhibition
The itinerary develops a number of themes:
Colours and symbols of boat ornaments
The ship at Novilara
The merchants’ city
Old and new ways of fishing
Shipwrights and shipyards

During the year the museum organises national and international conferences, seminars and conferences. It also promotes a series of publications (Rerum Maritimarum) containing the results of studies on themes of which the Museo della Marineria is the research laboratory.



Villa Molaroni viale Pola 9
ownership Municipality of Pesaro
mkanagement as agreed between the Municipality of Pesaro and Renco spa
opening hours Tuesday-Thursday 9.30-12.30, Friday 16-19;

June-September Tuesday-Thursday 9.30-12.30, Friday- Sunday 16-19

Christmas 2017 Friday 8, Tuesday 26 December, Saturday 6 January 16-19; closed on December 24-25th anda January 1st

entry free

access for disabled

info 0721 35588; 0721 387393 Municipality of Pesaro/Town councillorship for beauty



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